Reverse Engineering

Whether you seek to understand the threat posed by hackers and tampering or want to safeguard your intellectual property from competitors, reverse engineering allows you to truly understand a piece of software or hardware in detail.

From desktop and server software to proprietary network protocols and physical devices, Midnight Blue offers reverse engineering services to identify vulnerabilities, tampering risks and the ease of confidential code and data extraction.

Recovery & Compatibility Services

Whether it's about the recovery of lost encryption keys or firmware images or compatibility with legacy devices & network protocols, sometimes reverse engineering a device is the only option left. Midnight Blue offers specialized services for such non-security related reverse engineering tasks.


Security Assessment

The best defense is a good offense. Before you can take the right defensive measures, you must know where your system's weaknesses lie.

From PLCs, payment terminals and IoT gateways to automotive components, Midnight Blue's security assesment services allow you to identify and understand your device's vulnerabilities and their root causes. In addition, we provide valuable recommendations for proper mitigations.


Training & Consulting

Midnight Blue offers tailored training & consulting services on subjects ranging from vulnerability discovery and exploit development to reverse engineering and secure development.

Defensive Design

Whether you are concerned about tampering, intellectual property protection or data theft, Midnight Blue offers defensive design services that aid you in developing a tailored security architecture for your product.